Food Bank Month 2021

Because sometimes the need is hard to see

Food Bank month 2021

May is food bank month for the Killarney and Area Food Bank.

It's a time to remember that there is always a need to help others, even when the weather is warmer and life becomes a little brighter.

We're asking you to consider volunteering with our organization, or maybe even donating. But the most important gift you can give is to recognize the crippling effects of food insecurity or poverty. Any one of your neighbours may be suffering, without you knowing.

Because sometimes, the need is hard to see.


Donations of food and related items are accepted in our collection bins. There are several around town, including the Boundary Co-Op.

Alternatively, please contact us by phone or email to arrange collection of grocery items.

We accept e-transfers sent to and credit card donations accepted online via the CanadaHelps web site.

Note: Tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 or over. CanadaHelps gives receipts automatically. For other donations, be sure to let us know your mailing address to send you a receipt.

advocate for change

You can easily become a friend of the food banks movement by carrying out some of the following.

  • Arm yourself with the facts. For example:

    • One in eight Manitobans live with food insecurity

    • 46% of visits to Manitoba food banks are for children

    • 40% of Manitoba food banks reported recent rises in use

  • Spread the Word

    • Share and like Killarney Food Bank's social media posts

    • Speak out if you hear someone "putting down" food bank users

    • Encourage friends + family to attend Killarney food bank events

  • Be "Food-Minded"

    • Do you grow home produce? Why not encourage others and show them how? Sharing seeds is a great way to start them off.

    • Can you can?! Preserving food is another great skill to share. Not everyone knows how and many would love to learn.

    • Healthy eating needn't be a secret. Share recipes with friends and neighbours. Everyone loves a good recipe!

Above all, shop local! When our money circulates in the local economy, small businesses stay alive, our economy flourishes, and the need for food banks is greatly reduced.


We already have the best set of volunteers in town! But we can always use more. Please get in touch if you can help us:

  • Work in food bank operations (receiving and distributing food)

  • Tend to the food bank gardens or carry out building maintenance

  • Act as a board member (monthly meetings)

Alternatively, let us know if you would like to arrange a food collection among a group or organization. We're happy to share our collection bins and we can even arrange for a board member to be present and optionally talk to the group about the work we do.