Welcome to the Killarney Foodbank

Welcome to the Killarney Food Bank website. 

Here you can learn all about our "Little House with the Orange Door." 

See what we do in the community, and why; what resources are available for those in need of food; how to donate either food or money to us; and how to volunteer for our organization.


Please check the updated distribution schedule for September through December. 



The Killarney and Area Food Bank is pleased to provide the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to individuals and families in Killarney and area. This program is for you if you have a modest income and a simple tax situation. 

This partnership is between Killarney and Area Food Bank, our local volunteer and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  In person appointments and drop off service is available year round. We are also pleased to assist with any Government forms and applications.

More information is located under Services



The Board and Volunteers at the Killarney and Area Food Bank were absolutely "gob-smacked" as Secretary Giselle Beaupre put it - as the recipients of the Hy Life Fun Days fundraising campaign, we received a whopping $40,000.00 for the Food bank.  The proceeds of this donation will go towards a walk in cooler at the Food bank to boost storage of fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs for the Food Bank!  We can't thank Cori Bridgeman and her team enough for the amazing donation!!  It was a wonderful day yesterday with good food, good friends and one very good employer who believes in giving back to its community.  THANK YOU Hy Life and all your sponsors!!


Hygiene Supplies

The Killarney and Area Foodbank received a grant to purchase hygiene products, which are now available for our customers. When you call in a food order simply specify what hygiene items you need. The following items are available (some in limited quantities) on a first come, first served basis:



Bags and Egg Cartons:


Please return empty green bags and egg cartons!  We can reuse them.

Do not return empty peanut butter or other food containers; they can be recycled at home. 


Easy Way to Donate

Just follow your online banking instructions for e-transfers. They can be sent to: contact@killarneyfoodbank.com

If you want a donation receipt for an e-transfer, then please get in touch via email and let us know your mailing address.

Thanks in advance for your generous support!

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The Prairie Patch

Many thanks to Prairie Mountain Health's Healthy Together Now program for the funds to make this garden possible.

An excavator deposits soil into our new garden beds.
A volunteer rakes soil in our new garden beds.